Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Story Of Philip Drelich



Read this horrific story about a religious Jew who is sitting in PRISON for over 28 years for two alleged murders that he NEVER committed.


More than 28 years ago, the entire Jewish world was shocked to hear that an orthodox Jew was found guilty of killing two people, including his own precious wife !! This newscast was a great sensation in New york as well as the entire country, because it was the very first time in history that an orthodox Jew was accused and convicted for such a vicious crime.

Orthodox Jewry was left spellbound, How could a crime like this be committed by an Orthodox Jew??

When the man was served a double-lifetime jail sentence nobody questioned his guilt, A person receiving such a harsh sentence is probably not innocent. Nobody could fathom that the entire indictment was a FALSE libel, and this man was truly innocent.

Many years have transpired since, the entire story was long forgotten this Orthodox Jew thrown into prison for life in a cell in the Greenhaven Correction Facility, a maximum security jail in New York State, together with the worst criminals society ever produced, For many years this man sat isolated and nobody looked his way, Orthodox Jewry simply forgot about him.

In the past, criminals suspected of murder found their way out to freedom, when their lawyers proved them innocent.

An impartial group of Chasidic Jews , discovered this man in jail, got involved, decided to look into this case and get to the rock bottom. To really find out the truth of this story.

Five years ago, they started a private,impartial investigation into this case. In the course of these five years they develed into every nook and cranny and left no stone unturned to reach the ultimate truth. They scanned archives of the court, lawyer papers,searched for every bid of evidence they could lay their hands on, scores of people were interviewed including family members, witnesses, lawyers, and even members of the ...were approached.

This thorough investigation reaped unexpected rewards, A horrid dramatic tale unveiled, involving detectives,underworld figures, and sadly a so-called RABBI who testified False accusing statements in court and caused this innocence Jew to be arraigned and convicted needlessly.

Read this breathtaking legend "A BLOOD LIBEL IN OUR DAYS". the historic facts along with the minute details that surfaced in the course of this intensive, costly five years of investigation.YES it is true, This did occur in our day and age.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Who is Philip Drelich

Philip Drelich a orthodox Jew was born in Brooklyn in 1950, both of his parents real fine American orthodox Jews his father a world war 2 veteran, Philip was raised in Brooklyn in Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin where he was educated & received excellent grades.
In approx. 1975 he got married to his wife Miriam they raised 2 children & was 7 1/2 month pregnant they lived a wonderful life they were a real happy couple, but in a very rare morning in April of 1979 she was found brutally killed in short words she was slaughtered it to pieces!
since then Philip Drelich was thrown in to prison just because a very bad rabbi had testified falsely against him supposedly that Philip had confessed to him for the killing of his wife.
Since then no one was talking about him simply he was FORGOTTEN from anyone no body is looking after him fight to get him out from the prison he is located.
So we have created an org. & we hired the right people to investigate the TRUTH of this story, so please come back for news & status of our progress in rescuing Philip Drelich.
if you have any info about him please let us know as soon as possible by calling us 718-427-1701
or to email us at rescuedrelich@optonline.net